Family Law

The firm's family law practice provides services to individuals and to families in handling the very personal and emotional issues inherent in family law disputes. Our attorneys have seasoned experience in this area which encompasses not only marriage dissolution, but the parent-child relationship and property division. Our services include the following:

  • Divorce litigation
  • Child Custody and Conservatorship litigation
  • Child Visitation Arrangements
  • Grandparent and Non-Parent Visitation with Children
  • Paternity and Termination of Parental Rights
  • Community Property Divisions
  • Separate Property Characterization
  • Adoption
  • Spousal Support
  • Regulation of Child Support through County Systems as well as the Texas Attorney General
  • Domestic Violence Concerns
  • Mediation of Disputes and Collaborative Negotiations

Immigration Law

Our attorneys and Immigration Section staff represent individuals and families before the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as well as in various courts to handle matters affecting immigration status. We prepare visa and citizenship applications while giving our clients the personal assistance needed to satisfy language, civic education and interview requirements before the USCIS. Our attorneys’ experience in family and criminal law contributes to the efficient handling of immigration cases involving divorce or adoption as well as probation or criminal convictions. We handle a wide range of immigration matters which include the following:

• Family immigration issues including divorce, child custody, and adoption
• Family-based Consulate Process
• Family-based Adjustment of Status
• Employment-based Adjustment of Status
• Adjustment of Status involving criminal convictions, and probation
• Consulate Process involving criminal convictions, and probation
• Naturalization Process involving criminal convictions, and probation
• Removal of Conditional Status
• Removal of Conditional Status Waivers
• Replacement and renewal of lawful permanent resident visa
• Entrepreneur visa
• Investor visa
• Hardship waivers
• Deportation/Removal Hearings
• Applications to obtain U.S. Citizenship/Naturalization
• Assist clients in satisfying language, civic education, and USCIS interview requirements
• Attend all interviews at USCIS regional office for Adjustment of Status, and Citizenship/Naturalization interviews

Wills, Probate, and Administration of Estates

In this area, our attorneys assist clients in preparation of wills and estate planning documents, reviewing and modifying these documents, as well as support the family in handling the estate of a family member who has passed. We are focused on carrying out each client’s wishes with respect to family, friends, foundations and charities. Our attorneys are a source of support, stability, and advice during the difficult process of handling a loved one’s estate. The following issues are commonly handled by our firm:

  • Preparation of Wills, Codicils
  • Preparation of Durable Power of Attorney and Power of Attorney for Healthcare
  • Preparation of Directives to Physicians or “Living Wills”
  • Preparation and Structuring of Trusts
  • Determination of Heirship Proceedings
  • Genealogical research to Determine Heirship
  • Probate of Wills
  • Administration of Estates and Representation of Executors / Administrators
  • Guardianships for Minors and Incapacitated Adults
  • Life Insurance Issues and Claims

Criminal Law

As a former county prosecutor, Senior Attorney Joel Bennett has an extensive experience in handling criminal matters including misdemeanor and felony charges. Mr. Bennett’s unique experience has developed his expertise in criminal cases involving drug and alcohol abuse. His focus on drug-related cases has also led to his service as Judge of the Travis County Drug Diversion Court. Our firm is uniquely equipped to handle criminal case prosecutions and defense including the following:

  • Misdemeanors
  • Felony
  • Specialty in drug-related cases such as DWI or possession of controlled substances
  • Family law cases involving drug abuse
  • Property disputes
  • Family Violence
  • Resident Alien / Immigrant deportation